05 April 2010

Charlton 1 Carlisle 0

This is looking like a thrilling end of season. Norwich, can you believe it?, are running away with first position, so the excitement is in the battle for second, and automatic promotion. Two points separate the four contenders - Millwall, Swindon, Leeds, and Charlton - with six games to go. With everyone winning today, the position's no different from how it was this morning.

Meanwhile, today's game wasn't exactly exciting. The first half was a poor spectacle, but Sam Sodje got the deciding goal shortly before halftime.

Both teams raised their game in the second half, and Charlton had many chances to kill off the game, but wayward finishing meant they never got the second goal that would have sealed the win. In truth, as the second half went on, Carlisle looked less and less likely to score, but it would have been so much more encouraging if Shelvey had converted one of his chances. He was taken off with about 10 minutes to go. A difficult but necessary decision, it must have dented his confidence badly, which didn't look high to begin with.

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Keith Nevols said...

Going up, going up, going up etc.