28 April 2010

Office life

Oh, how I miss it! Christina Martin (who, I recently found out, works in the same building as I used to work in) tweeted this:
The big hole punch came apart and all the bits of paper fell on the floor. People keep walking past my desk making the same comment on this. 
The one I used to dread (I can tell you now, former colleagues) was this. You leave work, maybe a little early, and halfway to the bus stop you realise you've left your desk unlocked. So you give up your hopes of watching The Weakest Link, and go back to lock up. Someone is bound to say one of the following:
Hmm, you're early!
That was a short night!
Couldn't bear to leave us?

Stop it, office drones, stop it! Honestly it would be better to say You idiot! You've forgotten something again.

Actually, since I'm essentially decrying sarcasm, I should retract that I miss it. And point out that I've never hoped to watch The Weakest Link.

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