28 April 2010

Jonjo gone ... so?

Consternation and confusion among "the Charlton community" today following the sale of Jonjo Shelvey to Liverpool. Some think it's a sign of lack of ambition by the club, others that the fee, reported at £1.7 million is too good to pass by.

I'm in the second group. Two years ago Shelvey looked like he might develop into an exciting player. He was fast and skillful and quite surprisingly mature (he's still only 18). But this season he's been disappointing, and you have to think that a fast young player of real potential would be terrorising third division opposition. But he's always looked a little aimless. I don't know if that's his fault or if the coaches have misused him and needed to be firmer in giving him direction. But on the evidence of this season, £1.7m is unjustified. You can't see him getting into the Liverpool first team, so they can only be hoping they can develop him and sell him on at a profit. That's a plausible and achievable target, I think.

The deal includes extra payment depending on appearances, and even without that financial incentive, I would hope he does make a success of the move.



Couldn't agree more. Most of the time he looks disinteredted and I believe he is very lazy. For someone so young he just doesn't put in a shift, take the money and run.

Wyn Grant said...

A lot of sense in what you say.

Brian said...

Do you know, praise for a football blog from Wyn Grant is like Mozart saying you're humming a pleasant tune. Thanks.