06 April 2010

Live election blog

Oh, how we'll tire of the words latest election news over the next four and a bit weeks! Although, as the Electoral Reform Society has pointed out 382 of the 650 seats being contested are safe. The people who live there might as well not bother. I think that includes me. Last time Bridget Prentice had a majority of 21%. Even with boundary changes, that's surely likely to be enough to get Labour back in.

So, on the whole I'm glad I'll be spending just over a week of the campaign out of the country. But I have - for the first time - a personal interest in two outcomes.

First, there's my friend and former colleague, Keith Nevols, who's standing for the Libdems in the parliamentary election for Sittingbourne and Sheppey. As I understand it, it's a close contest between Labour and Conservatives and Keith's likely to get squeezed out. But, if any of the good people of S & S happen to read this, I know that Keith is clever, hard-working and honest. That may over-qualify him for Parliament, but I can't see any reason why you wouldn't want to vote for him.

Second, my niece, Liz Matthews, is doing a Jill Swinburne and standing for the Greens in Trinity ward of Merton Council. Again, it's a longshot in a very Conservative area, but the Greens didn't have a candidate last time, and she might be just what they've been waiting for. Again, in the unlikely event that any Trinitarians read this, I can't think of a better person to vote for.

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Supergreensunbear said...

Good luck to them both!

Labour and the Conservatives just seem to be a brand name for the same thing these days. To me it all just seems to be marketing rather than actually about the policies that will effect us all. I'm hoping Lib Dems, the Greens and sensible independents all do well.

4 weeks, ah man! When you put it like that - I'm going to have to buy some mittens to stop me punching the TV screen! I think I might get that urge if I have to see David Cameron, Gordon Brown, yer'man from the BNP and most of UKIP make their appearances on TV... let alone the Northern Irish lot... *heads to search for flights*