06 April 2010

Turner prize?

Waitrose trolleys have a clever little clip where you can add a shopping list (maybe other shops do this too - I'm too posh to know or to care). Naturally, most people leave their list behind when they've finished their shopping, and in doing so I'm fairly sure they have released them into the public domain. What if someone were to collect these lists, annotated with the date and place of their discovery? Wouldn't this be a valuable examination of the zeitgeist? Wouldn't it, eventually, build up into a body of work fit to win the Turner prize? Probably not, but it might be fun. So here's the first: Waitrose Beckenham 6 April 2010.

I wonder what 'dinner for tonight' turned out to be and I hope splodge got some nice snacks.

Please scan and send me any discarded shopping lists you find. We can build a picture of Britain's shopping habits.

1 comment :

Hungry Ted said...

Like the sound of it: turning the simple shopping list in to art!