13 April 2010

Charlton 1 Colchester 0

The latest round in the battle for second place brought Colchester, but not many of their fans, to the Valley. Really, it was a poor display of support when Colchester isn't that far to travel, it's not a school night and it's a vital match.

The game also brought Kevin Lisbie back. It's funny that no-one really seems to hate him despite the years of disappointment he gave us. He scored 19 goals in 176 appearances, which is nowhere near a good return. His pace used to be blinding, and I guess that's why he prospered once he moved into lower divisions. Someone behind me was saying we should never have let him go. Well, yes, if we'd known we'd be in the third division in a couple of years, and if we could have renegotiated his wage down to third division level, maybe it would have been good to hold on to him. Anyway, he ended the game early. I wasn't sure if it was a second yellow or a straight red, but I don't remember him previously as being at all feisty. It was that kind of game. Loads of fouls and five (I think) yellow cards. Despite that, it was a thrilling match, particularly in the second half.

The first half had been comfortable for Charlton, and a super goal after 20 minutes was the least they deserved. But Colchester came out more strongly, Charlton became nervous, and there was some desperate defending right through to the five minutes added at the end. There was a brilliant atmosphere, with the Covered End Choir in fine form.

But what I'll remember is that my neighbour is even older than I thought (which was incredibly old). Tonight he recalled an incident from a game against Corinthian Casuals. I can't imagine when that was.

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