21 March 2010

Oh, the fame!

Our appearance on Eggheads was repeated on Friday. I watched enough of it to see it was us, but then went out. I really don't like seeing myself in photos, never mind on screen, and I knew what the result was.

But then yesterday, some of the people who sit behind me at Charlton asked if it had really been me, and today the husband and wife on Farmer Ted's vegetable stall at the market said they'd seen me. Everyone was impressed that I'd beaten Kevin.

It's strange and worrying how good I feel about this recognition. Fame, even in tiny doses like this, is obviously a dangerous drug.


Keith Nevols said...

Everyone in my church asked me about it on Sunday not realising it was a repeat.
I should have mentioned my political links.

a.hobley said...

Same here; went through the church door on Sunday and was told I was famous. BuT i asked and the result was still the same as last time. Since Keith emailed round at work to tell everyone at least one of the new recruits watched on I-Player and sounded impressed - 'That one I don't know did well' -careful questioning established this was Brian. Unfortunalty the editing has me just giving one answer - which was wrong.