07 March 2010

Charlton 2 Stockport 0

Two gifted goals in the first ten minutes were enough to give Charlton three points, and if I live this life again, I will leave this match after 15 minutes, get back to a warm house and watch The Battle of the River Plate on Film 4.

Stockport were really poor - the worst opposition this season, and quite understandably bottom of the table, and quite understandably bringing a pitifully small following with them - and Charlton should have scored what's technically known as a hatful. The first goal was a comedy og, and the second was a well-taken but shockingly defended free header for Akpo Sodje. Both Charlton wingers had phantom opposition that melted away before them. But the rest of the first half was a story of nice play, total control, but no real chances.

To Stockport's credit, they came out for the second half with a new-found spirit, and took hold of the game. Charlton, for some reason, sat back and let them control it, while their own play deteriorated and there was very little to get excited about apart from a shot by Deon Burton (on too late as a sub) smartly saved by the Stockport keeper.

Once again, I'm baffled by the seemingly random nature of Charlton's play. But this week's scapegoat is (and I'm shocking myself in saying this) Nicky Bailey. At his best, he makes the captaincy meaningful, keeping the competitive spirit flowing. But yesterday that seemed to be missing.

I almost wish I was going to Millwall next week. I think it's likely the team will rise to the occasion. But you never know. Well, I never know.

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