13 March 2010

My Baudelaire challenge

Flicking through the Guardian guide, I notice that one of the specialist rounds on Mastermind on Friday is Baudelaire. Now, I know a bit about Baudelaire, but can I learn enough in 6 days to do better than the Mastermind contestant? That's my challenge for the week.

Here are the questions I could answer now.

What is Baudelaire's first name? (I don't suppose they'll ask that.)
What is the name of his major collection of poems? (Les Fleurs du Mal)
Which American short-story writer did Baudelaire translate into French? (Poe)
Which set of children's books has a number of characters called Baudelaire? (Lemony Snicket)

Erm, that's about it. Not much to go on, so the sooner I start, the better. I'll update here after the programme.

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