05 February 2009

When good news goes bad

We finally had the budget news today and it's totally unexpected. Evil govt has searched down the back of the settees and found more money. Not only an increase on the basic budget, but some extra money to deal with anticipated new demand, and even more to set up more new services in 2010/11. So the organisation is getting more money than ever, and will in overall terms need to lose nobody - in fact it will grow.

So this puts in doubt whether those who want to leave can. The only hope is that the change in our business will need a change in personnel. Broadly speaking, we may need fewer generic investigators, like me, and more people with specialist knowledge and experience in social care and education. Da management knows that those who volunteered for voluntary redundancy have completely mentally committed to it and will be hard to motivate, so there may be efforts to get evil govt to look at it this way. At least, it's not ruled out. But once again, it's going to be a long time before we know the outcome.

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