14 February 2009

Addicks & Pilgrims

It's been a while since I've done a football post, but I'm hoping to do one today. Saturday afternoon football is back, after last week's snow-off, and I'll going to see if I recognise anyone in the team. Under pressure from a fellow-twitter, I'll be attempting to tweet periodically through the game, and the tweets will appear below right. And on Facebook of course.

Twitter has been at the fore of my tinternet activity recently. I've still got a fairly rudimentary presence, with 0.06% as many followers as twitter champion (in both senses) Stephen Fry. At its best and worst, Twitter is utterly trivial: did the world need to know that my train was stuck in New Cross yesterday morning? In between, it gives the chance to find articles of interest. I've followed followings and followers of the followed, so I'm now picking up messages from Ben Goldacre, the Bad Science man from the Guardian, for example. With so much nonsense on the web, it's good to see that there is a network of serious, sceptical thought.

And fun too. Charlie Brooker cogitates his column online, so this week, we had his taste test of the six new flavours of Walkers Crisps. Eg: Fish & Chips: like kissing someone who's recently guzzled a plate of scampi. Midway through they belch in your mouth.

This may be the golden age of Twitter and it will break under increasing use. I'm being followed by someone pretending to be Noel Edmonds, for example, which is only slightly less bad than being followed by the real one.

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