02 February 2009

Snow day

Ah, Christina, not afraid of a bit of repetition:
Snow was falling, snow on snow, snow on snow

Today was largely snowed off. No southeastern trains. No London buses at all so a day at home. I've made great progress with the Cantos on the other blog.

Outside, it's been really quiet today. Hardly any traffic down this unsalted, snow-covered road, so we've had local children playing in the street, snowball-fighting and snowman-building. Probably the first chance any of them have had to do this.

I went out to the shops about 4.30. So quiet on the south circular. The local school (St Dunstan's) closed. Both stations shut up, of course. The pavements - even on the approaches to the station - still covered in slushy snow for lack of walkers.

It's still snowing now and I can't see things being any better tomorrow. The trainlines were covered with snow, and there was no sign of a ghost train having run through for de-icing. With so little traffic on the roads, there's got to be a good chance any heavy snow tonight will settle.

Sorry. This is a dull post, probably like many posted all over the southeast of England today. But then, I am a bit bored by now.

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Rock Scorpion said...

Was Candlemas day "If Candlemas Day be sunny and bright, Winter will have another flight; if Candlemas Day be cloudy with rain, winter is gone and won't come again." No mention of snow. Still it was bitterly cold and gloomy in London in 1901 for Victoria's funeral. The average minimum temperature for this day is 1.2 degrees C over the last 130 years. From Wrong Kind of Snow"