14 February 2009

Charlton 2 Plymouth Argyle 0

Let's be clear: Plymouth were very poor. But a two nil win is a two nil win. We need a lot more to get off the bottom, even more to get clear of relegation, but it's nice to come away with a warm feeling on a cold evening.

I wasn't sure it was going to be that way. The first quarter of the match was dire, with Charlton playing a horrible high ball game. Several times it turned into a game of head tennis. There were unfamiliar names on the Charlton teamsheet - that's what happen when you miss a few games - including Tresor Kandol up front, who I'd never seen before. He looked quite gifted.

Then on 32 minutes Therry Racon scored an absolute beauty. The ball fell to him just outside the area. At first it seemed he had taken too long to control it, but turned out he was just setting himself up for a brilliant shot into the top left corner. Larrieu, the Argyle goalkeeper, had no chance but found something to complain to the referee about, which got him a booking.

Things stayed more or less safe - apart from a freekick that bounced off Charlton's crossbar - until half time. Leading 1-0 at halftime is no comfort for Charlton fans. How many times this season have they given away a lead? Anxious times, made worse soon after the break when we got quite a dodgy penalty, which Larrieu saved. Hard to tell from my angle if it was a bad penalty or a very good save. From Larrieu's later performance, a brilliant save is quite plausible.

From then on, Charlton utterly dominated the game. But the usual inability to score (in a brothel) might have been their undoing. Bailey missed one of the very best chances he'll ever have, but made up for it with the second goal, helped by some very Charltonian defending by Plymouth. No real worries until the end of the game.

So, how did the tweeting go? I'm not sure I'd do it again. It's time-consuming, and often it's hard to react immediately to key events. I used the time the trainers were on the pitch for most of my tweets, and of course halftime.

Maybe I'll just do pre-match, halftime, and on the train afterwards.

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