19 February 2009

Barbados and the Netherlands

What do they have in common, then? Probably not much, but they are the two countries I've been to that have a higher population density (popden) than the UK. Data from wikipedia, which will also show, to the discerning, that I've never been to the Vatican City or, quite strangely, Belgium. I've been really near Belgium, and for a while I thought Lille (which I've been to) was in Belgium (it should be). Netherlands, obviously urban, reclaimed, crowded. But Barbados? Has about the same population as Lewisham, but is much bigger. UK clearly has large unpopulated areas (eg Wales, Canning Town). But doesn't India? Yet its popden is much higher than UK. So ... when we say, we love foreigners, we really do, but this is a really overcrowded island, and regretfully, there's no room for you lovely (darkskinned) people, are we lying? Not very british, is it?

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