14 February 2009

Three (posts) in one (day)

So this post could be about the Trinity, or bicycle oil, or Roland Kirk (obscure jazz ref). None of those. Ignore the brackets. I meant to post something about Valentine's Day, or VD, as it's better known.

It struck me yesterday that this is the best day in the year to be single. Well, single and over thirty. No pressure to live up to an absurd romanticism. No feeling of being the victim of shameless profiteering by, among others, Clintons Cards, Interflora, Any Restaurant, Any Jeweller. The only downside is that if I'd wanted to eat in a restaurant tonight, I'd have had to share the space with numberless couples, in various stages of infatuation or disillusionment.

Oh, but then this morning, on Saturday Kitchen, a sweet young couple tugged at my heartstrings. (One of the chefs had already, quite literally, warmed my cockles.) He proposed to her; she accepted: and for the rest of the programme their bodylanguage quite clearly showed they'd rather be making babies than watching The Omelette Challenge (space here for some comment about eggs).

It was as cheesy as Switzerland but it moved me strangely and I'm now looking for a fresh source of cynicism. Or, and I can hardly believe I'm saying this, for someone who would look at me like she looked at him.

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