23 May 2010

Blackpool? And I don't say this often: WTF?

Just over a year ago a draw with Blackpool meant that Charlton's relegation to the third circle of hell was confirmed. They (Blackpool) were rubbish (admittedly, so were Charlton, but we'd got used to that by then). I blogged that match wondering how they weren't in the relegation mix too, and assumed it must have been because they never gave up, in contrast to Charlton, who gave up in the warm-up half the time.

Well, once again I've proved my lack of skill as a pundit, since Blackpool have got into the Premier League through the play-offs. I haven't followed the second division this season, so don't know if they've suddenly acquired some skill or if they've just built up that spirit. But to go from last season's team to promotion is astonishing. It's a huge achievement by Ian Holloway, and if he stays with the club it'll be fun to have him on telly more often next season.

I'd rather have Blackpool and Holloway in the Premier League than a lot of the teams and managers that are there, and I wish them well, but surely they've got to be the hottest favourites for immediate relegation since, well, Burnley last year.

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