18 April 2009

Charlton 0 Second Division 1

So the inevitable has done what the inevitable does, and Charlton are in the third division next season. Today's game was the whole season in miniature. Charlton were miles better than Blackpool, and should have had the game won by halftime. They definitely should have had the game won after 10 minutes of the second half, when two goals in one minute seemed to have won it.

But they got slack. Blackpool's first goal was started by a poor pass from Zheng Zhi that gave the ball away. And in the third minute of extra time (and you could spend all day searching the match to find where those three minutes came from) Blackpool scored the goal that meant relegation was inevitable, whatever the scores elsewhere were. (And, as it happened, scores elsewhere meant that even if we'd won, we'd still be relegated.)

I found myself thinking why are this lot staying up when they're clearly rubbish? Obviously because they never give up, and they take their chances. If you're going to be rubbish, as Charlton have often been, you have to be rubbish with conviction.

Oh well, as another blog has put it, the rebuilding begins here.

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