11 May 2010

The tension is unbearable

Why can't these sort these things out quicker? The election was on Thursday, but now on Tuesday we still don't know the outcome. I refer, of course, to the council election in Lewisham Grove Park ward, where the recount still hasn't happened. Lewisham clearly trying to upstage Nick Clegg et al, by being the last to declare a result.

I've no idea why Lewisham is taking so long. From other blogs, it seems that they didn't start the counts for Parliament until 4 or 5 on Friday morning, and the results were declared by 9. Then they seem to have stopped counting and resumed in the evening, with most results limping out in the small hours of Saturday morning. Finding that Grove Park needed a recount, they seem to have thrown a collective sickie yesterday, and the council's website is saying the recount "is expected to take place" at 11 am today, with the result to come this afternoon.

It's all very strange. I wonder if the council officers who had volunteered for the count had to sit around between 10 pm and 4 am on Thursday night. But, basically, what a shambles! If only we had a proper local press who could investigate.

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