17 May 2010

Four Lions

I wonder how many people will go to see this film thinking it's something to do with the England football team? Nobody, of course, I was being stupid for comic effect. Without giving anything away, I can say that the film has very little to do with football. It does have a lot to do with being stupid for comic effect, though, in that everyone in the film is an idiot. Some have seen a lack of any moral drive as a weakness in the film. It's true that it doesn't offer any answers, but if the film has any message, it's that idiocy is everywhere and is a Bad Thing. Which I had kind of suspected all along. But it gave me several good laughs along the way.

It was the first time I'd been to the pictures for ages. What a horrible experience it is these days! I went to the Greenwich Odeon on a Tuesday afternoon, so it wasn't exactly crowded. When the cinema opened at 2pm it was already full of the smell of popcorn, which they obviously pipe into the foyer area. I hate the smell of popcorn. And then the trailers, which made quite sure I'll never see the films they advertised. One of them even gave away the fact that the film stars Nicolas Cage. You'd want to keep that quiet, surely.

Four Lions itself is made by Film 4, so it's shot with the television screen in mind, and the biggish screen didn't add anything to it. But I feel cool and trendy now I've seen it, so it was all worthwhile.


Clive said...

Must have been a posh cinema. You didn't have people talking loudly through the film or answering their mobiles or kicking the back of your seat repeatedly or actually eating the horrid popcorn or throwing things or getting up and walking round constantly. Coludn't have been the Bromley Empire then

Brian said...

Two o'clock on a Tuesday. There were maybe 10 other people there. We spaced ourselves out in a very English way so it was virtually 10 private viewings.