12 May 2010

Consumer unit

This is a post about a consumer unit (right) but hang on, it gets cute.

As part of the work for my kitchen I've had a new consumer unit installed. Until now, quite unbelievably in 2010, my house ran off two fuses - one for lights, one for sockets, and I believe some bakelite was involved. But it worked, and I don't think I've ever had to change any fusewire. (I'm possibly the last person alive who knows what fusewire is.)

But this took me back to my childhood, childhood , childhood. Above the fusebox in our house was a card of fusewire, and there was space to note the name and address of your local electrician. In that space my sister had written "Daddy", which it makes me happy to remember.


Supergreensunbear said...

Until last month we also had an old board that had to be replaced. We had a main ring and a few others - 4 of the 5 fuses were modern but one was a fuse wire. We're feeling a lot safer now we have a box like your photo there with modern fuses and a lot less wood! :)

Brian said...

Simon - in case you read this, congratulations on promotion. I'm unable to post comments on your blog (it's something to do with my internet connection). Saturday was amazing, wasn't it? For about ten minutes we were in second place and although I knew it couldn't last, I guess I can appreciate how it must have felt. Ah well, just Swindon & probably Millwall to beat, and we'll join you in div 2.

Supergreensunbear said...

Thanks Brian. Yeah, it sure was! The day had all the twists and turns of a good novel, it was a roller coaster ride and a half! Eeek, just thinking about those 90 minutes makes my heart rate double!

I really hope Charlton do make it and join Leeds in the Championship. I watched the highlights of the Swindon game and I thought it was pretty even in terms of chances. Saying that though, after hitting the inside of the post, having a goalmouth scramble and missing an open goal - it was kinda hard to believe Charlton didn't score 2. Home advantage in the 2nd leg might help those go in. Still a good chance and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you - sure, if it worked last Saturday :)

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