02 November 2008

Oh no, flashbacks

Like a bad trauma, yesterday's horrors have been replaying in my mind throughout the day, but I'm trying to put it behind me. Just wish to add this thought: if two or three players are underperforming, it's their fault; if the whole team is, it's the manager.

But a beautiful day today! I drove to the coast (Ramsgate) for lunch, through patchy sometimes thick fog on the M2, into a clear fresh seasidey day. Fishnchips from Pete's Fish Factory and a stroll through the town looking for personal landmarks: a particular restaurant and a particular bookshop, both closed, both looking slightly mad. Ramsgate is actually quite lovely to look at if you ignore the obvious deprivation, which you can't, and the evidence that a substantial number of the inhabitants are halfbarking, which is less obvious.

And even better was the drive back through the northdowns at their sunny autumnal best. Oh I love and hate Kent.

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