09 November 2008

The boy's doing well

When some players leave the club, they leave a bitter taste. Worst recent example being Danny Murphy, I suppose, who always acted as if he was too good for little old Charlton, even though he only put in a decent performance once in every three games. How we laughed when, even when most of the Spurs squad was struck by a mystery bug, he still didn't get into the team.

But Darren Bent was different. Always a perfect gentleman on and off the pitch, we were really sorry to see him go (but glad of the money). At times it's looked as if we pulled off the heist of the century in getting £16m for him, and at times it's been good to laugh at Spurs (it's always good to laugh at Spurs). But now with 5 goals in the last two games it looks as if he's finally making a mark - probably thanks to an infusion of confidence from Appy Arry. I couldn't be happier for him, and hope he keeps it up and gets back in the reckoning for an England place.

Meanwhile, my boys seem to have had a bit more pep and moxie about them, coming back from behind to almost win at Plymouth. Two weeks before the next home game, and by then I may even have a working bathroom!

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