24 November 2008


Was in Guildford today, training mainly social workers, so inevitably the word 'inappropriate' came up and I had to write it on the flipchart. Oh the shame, I spelt it wrong. Anyway, at lunchtime the sandwich delivery service turned up in the carpark, playing an icecreamvan-like tune. The tune these caterers had chosen? La cucaracha. Now that's inappropriate.


Anonymous said...

Do they cater for "I'm a celebrity"? Now we know what to serve for Christmas dinner, who needs turkey!

Hey none of the profiles make any sense. Just worked out how to text, can't keep up with all this technology. Massa Al-Noor

Anonymous said...

I just posted my first comment and it then said you had 1 comments. Is that inapropriate?

Anonymous said...

Oh damn now I've mispelt inappropriate. Still now you have 3 comments is this a record? Anyway it should have been Massa Al-ghayr