01 November 2008

Charlton 1 Barnsley 3

Does a Saturday afternoon get any worse? Torrential rain and - something I think I might be saying a few more times this season - the worst performance I've seen from Charlton since relegation. At least they wasted no time, going one nil down after just two minutes to a poorly defended freekick. After 17 minutes Barnsley took one of the worst corners you'll ever see. It ran tamely to one of our boys (Ambrose, I'm sorry to say), who calmly (and very sportingly) gave it back. Nicky Weaver fumbled his save from da Silva's shot and Macken put it away. It was all over by half time as once again a poorly defended free kick caught Weaver hopelessly out of position as a header from Moore looped over him.

Second half saw no improvement. A spell of maybe 15 minutes when the players looked interested but otherwise it was rubbish. Even though most of the crowd had left by the end, the booing was long and loud.

I think it has to be Pardew's fault. At times, rare times, admittedly, all of these players have shown quality, but as a team they are clueless. No doubt he'll be saying we need a few more players. He's wrong, and it only makes the players we've got feel even worse about themselves.

We're now in a relegation position and playing like this, that's where we'll stay.

PS (after previewing) It seems I've forgotten to mention Charlton's goal. Apparently there was one.

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