13 February 2011

Charlton 3 Peterborough 2

Such a good feeling at the Valley yesterday. Let's ignore the football for a moment, and concentrate on the return of the feesh.

There's only one thing worse than not having a big screen and that's having a broken one. All season it's sat there like  a reminder of better days, physical proof of the financial problems. And if you'd asked me if the club should spend money repairing it, I'd probably have said no - there are a lot more ways the money could be better spent. But the news in midweek that it was back in action brought a smile to my face, and it was really good to see it shining out in new improved definition. Before the game, it showed "This is the Valley", an inspirational and moving collage of clips from Charlton's history.

But the team didn't seem to have watched it until half time. Peterborough were by far the better team in the first half, and easily deserved their lead. Charlton had looked bad in all departments, with only Jose Semedo looking at all solid. For the second time in recent games the referee had to leave the game. It looked quite serious - he was stretchered off - and I can only hope that it's a good sign I can't find any news on what state he's in.

The second half saw Scott Wagstaff replaced by Pawel Abbott, who went on to give his best performance for Charlton. After about 10 minutes I realised that somehow Charlton were playing really well, and then they happily confirmed it with two goals in two minutes. A third seemed to have settled the game, but Charlton haven't changed that much, and Peterborough's second, in injury time, meant it stayed interesting to the final whistle.

So - Chris Powell maintains his 100% record as a manager (one out of one with Leicester, four out of four with Charlton), and really seems to be instilling confidence and effort into the team. There's only one thing better than winning, and that's winning - in some style - after being behind.

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