14 February 2011

Amazing offer

I don't carry adverts on this blog. Not out of moral qualms, of course, but simply because no-one wants to give me money to do so. So, think of this not as a nasty advert, trying to sell you something you don't want, but as an avuncular word-in-ear, pointing out something wonderful you might otherwise have missed.

All seats at Charlton's match against Exeter City on Saturday are on sale for just £5 - that's any seat, any age. The Valley's a great place to be at the moment, with a real feeling of something very lovely being born, and this is a very cheap way to be part of that. Exeter will be bringing loads of fans - who are usually very enthusiastic and noisy, so there should be a cracking atmosphere.

If you've ever thought about going (back) to Charlton, here's an easy way to do it. Details here.

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Supergreensunbear said...

Sounds like a bargain, if I happened to be in the area I certainly would! Some of these reduce price schemes are excellent.

I remember Mansfield FC had a 'pay what you like' day back at the start of last year and their attendance doubled for the game and they ended up making more than they would have if they didn't. Also undoubtedly good for the future fan base as it tempts people to come along and bring the kids :)

Crusaders tried a similar scheme for a Sky game in the Irish League and there was a great crowd.

Makes you wonder why the football business model couldn't be built on cheaper prices for fans more often :)