20 February 2011

Charlton 1 Exeter 3

What a disappointing day! This was the game for which seat prices had been reduced to £5. Consequently the ground was packed, but there wasn't much to entice the new or returning fans back. I suppose saying "the team has played worse than that and won several times this season" doesn't help, but it's true. The level of play was - on the whole - well above some of the games won during Parkinson's time, but there were familiar failings. Above all, a slow central defence. Gary Doherty, in particular, looked too easy to beat: every time he was challenged for a ball you feared the outcome. As there are only older and slower players available to replace him, this is worrying.

And the attack, despite making several opportunities, lacked the moments of inspiration needed to convert them to goals. I'm less worried about this: I would hope Chris Powell has the nous to bring out the spirit of adventure the forwards need. I also hope he noted how much better the team looked with Therry Racon on the field.

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