21 February 2010

Charlton 2 Yeovil 0

I believe I said we'd demolish Yeovil. Well, not quite, but for all but a short period of the second half we were completely on top, and even the geezer next to me only said once "If we give away a goal now it'll be panic stations". This is a new record for him. I remember when we lost 6-1 at home to Leeds a few seasons ago, his concern that if we gave away a seventh goal we'd really be in trouble.

I'm a useless football pundit (no, don't disagree, oh, you weren't) and if I'd thought about it I'd have said that leaving out Semedo and putting Llera in defence was asking for trouble. But although the defence did lack a bit of solidity, they kept a clean sheet for the first time in ages. Dropping Semedo meant that Bailey and Racon took centre midfield, and took it well. Racon was generally efficient, while Bailey was more noticeable as he made a few spectacularly bad passes, but also some incisive interventions. He really seems to have a fast football brain and plays some brilliant early balls.

Talking of which, there was one of the most painful incidents I've ever seen. A Yeovil player received the full force of the ball in his gentleman's area. The crowd, especially the male section, winced in sympathy as his bedroom furniture was unexpectedly rearranged. If only that could happen to Ashley Cole or John Terry.

So, after a period of downward drift, the team's winning again, and playing lovely football. The dream's back on.

(The rest of this entry is probably best avoided).

Talking of which I had two epic dreams last night. First I was taking part in some night road running north of Tunbridge Wells. I knew it was north of Tunbridge Wells because at one point there was suddenly much less grit on the road, and I realised this must be the border between Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge and Malling District Council. The idea was that people run through the dark country roads, some with torches, some without. If they survive they pick up points to get more equipment. Some expert explained what the new equipment was, but I didn't understand what he was saying, so I just nodded and smiled and asked the way to a hotel.

Then, I found myself on foot arriving in  Worthing. What's the first thing anyone does on arrival in Worthing? Find the railway station, to get out, of course. On the approach to the station there was a bakers, which had a window display of its ludicrously fancy bread - it was baked in the shape of old master paintings, for example - arranged by date. So you could buy bread that was a few days old, presumably cheaper.

When I woke up, I couldn't believe I'd made such an obvious mistake. Highways, and the gritting thereof, are a county council responsibility.

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a.hobley said...

Brian -

Concerned over LA resposibilities! You really should get out more - oh you were out - well in your dreams!

Andrew H