24 February 2010

Charlton 1 Brighton 2

In the past I've been a bit of a pollyanna, I'll admit. I've seen promising signs in average displays. There was always something to hold on to, either a bit of individual talent, or some indomitable spirit, something to make you think things will get better. Not last night. I really think this was a new low, and just can't understand why the team that played so well on Saturday could produce that embarrassingly inept display.

OK, the pitch was heavy and difficult, and - without disrespect to them - I'd imagine Brighton are more used to playing on a dodgy surface. But it shouldn't take a genius to work out a way of dealing with a boggy central area.

The team looked tired. Actually, they had looked tired towards the end of Saturday's game. Brighton didn't look tired though, and they've had about as much play recently.

So, in the tradition of football blogs, I'm going to make a bold statement based on no real evidence at all: the training programme is clearly going wrong and someone - let's pick Kinsella for no reason at all - needs to be sacked. Yeah. That'll sort it out.

Once again, I see I've not mentioned the events of the game at all. Instant oblivion is sometimes best.

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Supergreensunbear said...

If Brighton played against Charlton in anything like the style they did against Leeds last Saturday then they don't lend themselves to a good game of football. They're just scraping for every point they can get... seems to be working for them :(