07 May 2009

Who'd want to steal *my* identity?

So last night I got a text from Tmobile saying thank you for ordering a new line: this is now set up. Wha?

So today I phoned tmob and after five minutes navigating their menu system - which has never! given me an option that's exactly what I want - found out that someone, pretending to be me, has ordered a Blackberry Curve, which is already on its way to be delivered to my address. And that someone has presumably used my tmob password, and presumably too is confident that they can intercept the delivery. My tmob password isn't very secure* but I can't understand how anyone would have got hold of it. Even the tmob advisers sounded confused how this had happened. I had to explain that, although I've heard of blackberrys I have never heard of a Curve. Well, the tmob people were nice and will send me the return envelope for the unwanted item, but I'm suddenly paranoid, checking my online banking several times a day, and wondering if my postie's a crook (apart from being a redrubberband litterer).

More news on this as it happens. And meanwhile, if anyone wants a cheap Blackberry Curve ...

*six letters, no numbers, no special characters. I've changed it now.

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Brian said...

Update. The phone still has not arrived so I phoned tmob this morning. They have a note that the equipment has been returned, so the order will be cancelled. This is a bit puzzling. Maybe they managed to block despatch somehow. Anyway, the agent said I don't need to do anything more. I'm noting this here not because anyone else will be interested but just as a record for myself. Actually, I've sent an email to tmob as confirmation.