29 March 2009

A sexist dinosaur at the Daily Telegraph - who'd a thought?

A sexist
These days I don't bother remembering why I've formed an opinion about anybody or anything. I've done the work, and I don't want to do it again. So I'm quite clear that I can't stand Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, and I know it's something to do with her being greedy an evil denier of human rights who panders to the Daily Mail view of the world and expresses no sign of independent thinking or any self-doubt (in spite of massive reasons to doubt herself) but beyond that it's just laziness on my part that prevents me from considering any reaction other than a contemptuous laugh to the news that she's been caught out making an expenses claim that includes the bill for her husband watching two porn films. Details are here, for example, on the Guardian site. I'm sure there's more opinionated reporting elsewhere in her majesty's press.

But I made the mistake of trying to remind myself of what she's done to annoy me so much, so did a search. Unfortunately, I found this article, which is one of the most sexist things I've read in a long time. Clearly the writer thinks Linda Papadopoulos is too pretty and her website is too pink for her to be a serious academic. Damn it, she's a woman! He even - shamefully, given his name - makes a hilarious mistake in spelling her name. Oh my sides!

Read her website, you moron:
She earned her B.A. (with honors) in psychology from York University in Toronto, Canada, an MSc in health psychology from the University of Surrey and a Ph.D. in psychology from City University in London.
An accomplished academic psychologist, Dr. Linda is published widely in peer-reviewed academic journals on counseling and medical psychology, and she is often invited to give specialist lectures at universities and medical schools in England and throughout the world. Founder and director of the successful Programme in Counselling Psychology at the London Metropolitan University, Dr. Linda was appointed Reader in psychology in 2001 - a great distinction for such a young age
That all sounds pretty impressive to me.

Although almost anything is good reason to criticise Jacqui Smith, this simply isn't. It feels horrible that I share any views with this man.

To make this comment on the Telegraph's website, I'd have to register with the Telegraph. Readers, should I?


Brian said...

Readers, I tried to register, to spoil a good story with a few facts. But honestly, registering with the Telegraph is slightly more invasive than becoming a scientologist. So many questions! Can't be arsed. The tories will have to survive without my critical input. Hohum.

Brian said...

Readers, I bit the bullet and signed up and commented. You can now read my comment under the name Red on the link.