14 March 2009

My knees have gone all trembly

Wembley Park Station
In Wembley on Thursday to train the good people of Brent. Do any men work there? The delegates once again were entirely female, which is OK by me, and I was joined by my former colleague Vivienne in leading the course. This time we were in Brent's own training centre on the 12th floor right outside Wembley Park station. It's like fate's mocking me, by sending me to Wembley so often. It's the first time I've been to Wembley Park since the stadium was completed. On a Thursday morning the vast array of steps looks like too much, but on a big match day it must be an impressive sight.

The group wasn't quite as good as last time, but the feedback's good and we finished at 4, which always pleases people.

I used a new element this time for the post-lunch session. Three photos of alleged lookalikes from some agency in the north, and asked people to guess who they were meant to be. They are really-ropey looky-likeys so it wasn't easy. Nothing to do with the course but it got people back paying attention really well, and I'll use it again.

Something I've learned while editing this post: there's a road called Olympic Way in Kettering. One thing I've haven't: why?

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