07 March 2009

Charlton 2 Watford 3

Division 3
When you're losing 3-0 and fulltime is up but the ref insists on playing 4 minutes extra time, you wonder why the game can't be ended with a little dignity. It's like that with Charlton's season - if only someone would pull the plug.

At least, after today's latest reversal, there can't be any hope. We're hospice patients, in palliative territory. But the pain keeps coming and there's no relief (damn you, alcohol in grounds ban!). Unlike life, however, there is a kind of afterlife: bad little football teams, when they die, go to the third division. I've been there before, I survived, but I didn't like it.

Don't want to talk about today's game. I'd want the statistics: how many times have we lost at home? Is this the worst ever? How many times have we been winning at halftime, then lost? But briefly, it was a game of two poor defences, with ours being slightly the worse. Again, lots and lots of very bad football from both side. When we got relegated from the Prem I thought that although the football would be worse, at least I'd see us winning on a regular basis. Division three is going to be an even worse spectacle.

Oh well, I will use my new impov'd status as justification for not getting a season ticket, and maybe turn up when the opposition is interesting. But not Millwall.


Keith said...

Not sure an impoverished status would work for the third division - as presumably the season tickets will go down. But never mind, with Norwich down as well, we can meet at The Valley next season and reflect on happier days. At least our teams might win a game or two next year.

On my edge sun said...

Sure, as a Leeds fan I can but welcome you back to the league for the crippled ex-premiership clubs, plenty of us out there :)