13 March 2016

We want four! We want four!

This tweet provoked mixed reactions yesterday.

Mainly, people seemed to find it crass and insensitive. And while I can understand that, I preferred to see it as subversive: a message of resistance smuggled out of the propaganda machine, saying Yes, we know how shit things are.

It must be horrible to be working for Charlton at the moment, especially if you're a fan. Forced into silence on a subject close to the heart - it can't be healthy. They could, in theory, quit and many have, but I think it's better to keep some Charlton fans in the club. We want them there when this horrible experiment is over. So let's cut them some slack.

Even if I'm wrong, and the tweet was just idiocy, at least it's raised more anger, which can be put to use this afternoon.

I'll be walking out on 74 minutes. Do the same, I urge you, please do the same. Even if the game's finely balanced, even if Charlton are winning. Especially if Charlton are winning. Show the Sky cameras that it's not about the short term, but about the future. We want Charlton to have one.

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