01 March 2016

A winning CARD?

The Football League is currently asking for nominations for Supporter of the year. I've nominated the Coalition Against Roland Duchatelet, and here are the reasons I've given. 
Just as organisations as well as individuals can win the Nobel Peace Prize, why should fans' organisations not be able to win this award? I'm nominating CARD as representing all the Charlton supporters who have pursued a lawful and peaceful campaign to persuade the club's current owners to sell up and allow someone who has a genuine interest in footballing success to take over. Initiatives have varied from the obvious (after-match protests), through whimsical (a Pinocchio day to celebrate the Club's CEO) and the adventurous (taking the protest to Belgium, our owner's backyard) and will continue. All have been carried out with a sense of style and humour despite the anger felt towards the current management. The protests have gained publicity in the British and Belgian media.

While many fans would simply give up supporting a club that has turned its back on its supporters, CARD are showing a determination to make the club better again.

Giving the award to CARD would serve a wider purpose in discouraging the actions of careless and disrespectful owners who seem to be proliferating in British football.
I also gave a list of websites where protests and activities have been reported (mainly BBC but also some Belgian media).


Of course, it doesn't have a hope in hell of winning. The league wouldn't want to upset an owner or reward "troublesome" fans. But it's another tiny step that might make a difference. If you want to follow my lead, please use as much or as little of my reasons as you want.

I should also point out that I'm not involved in CARD, except as a fellow Charlton supporter and a participant in the protests that they have co-ordinated (and I have made small financial contributions to the funds).


Blucher said...

Well done that man - a great call !

Theo Luck said...

I've voted for Joe Read the 18 year old thats been very active with CARD and was one of the Sint Truiden 20. I don't know him - but anyone who gets it together like he has at 18 deserves some recognition.

Brian said...

Thanks, Blucher. And Theo, that's a very good choice, which I wish I'd thought of!