09 January 2016

Happy New Year from Roland Duchâtelet

While I was trying to find out about Karel Fraeye's CV, I came across a completely unexpected thing: in December 2014, a year after buying the club, Roland Duchâtelet issued a New Year's message to the fans of AD Alcorcón.

It's in the form of a pretend-Q&A session (now, where have we seen that recently?) and some of the comments he makes are astonishing reading for Charlton supporters.

Asked about the fans, he says:

We have a great set of fans, who have always shown me great kindness and consideration, which I must publicly acknowledge. They are the best "ambassadors" for the club, and we are sure that, in looking at them, the world will understand the values of AD Alcorcón. We will continue to work with our ticket holders and followers to make the club bigger yet.
He expresses his support for the women's team and the club's community activities. In reply to a proper patsy question ("Our trainer, José Bordalás, is having a very good season; what's your opinion of our trainer?"), he says
His work has been magnificent. He's a great trainer.
 He gives his new year wish for the fans:
I wish our fans a year of hope, health and happiness. Happiness is the most important thing in life. Of course it sometimes depends on things we can't control. But still, the biggest part of our happiness is what goes on inside our heads.
It's largely nonsense of course, as routine as you could wish. But at least he took the trouble to pretend to care about one of his children. He never did that with Charlton. And, by the way, has never done it again with his Spanish child.

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