25 January 2016

Alcorcón again

I honestly didn't intend to refer to Alcorcón again, but in a week when Charlton ejected a Charlton fan for the crime of displaying his devotion to Charlton, and the Charlton Chief Executive remains harder to find than Wally in a Where's Wally? fan convention, what's been going on in Spain?

Two actions valuing the supporters, that's what.

First, the two hundred longest-serving season ticket holders will be honoured with a special ceremony and a memorial on 31 January

Second, any fan with a birthday in January is offered a free ticket for a guest to the game against Real Valladolid on 30 January, and to enjoy a pizza and a drink in the VIP lounge afterwards.

As I've noted before, Alcorcón (a club that cherishes its supporters) appears to be on an upward trajectory, while Charlton (a club that throws out supportive supporters who show their support) is plummeting. Perhaps there's a lesson here ...

Of course there's a lesson here. A lesson so obvious that only a stupidly arrogant man and his hopelessly incompetent protegée could miss it.

Reality and sense are queuing up and knocking at Roland Duchâtelet's door but he's turned the lights off and is pretending no-one's home.

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