16 April 2012

Sometimes I get things right

I am the world's worst football pundit, as regular readers know. But in January last year I wrote this about the possibility that Chris Powell was going to be made Charlton manager.

If he does well, if he leads the team to promotion, won't that be a much better feeling than getting there with Phil Parkinson, or some other manager who's slumming it in the third division to resurrect a faltering career?

Football, thank goodness, isn't about always doing the sensible thing. If it was, I'd be supporting a team that wins something occasionally, or Arsenal. Following a club like Charlton is foolish and romantic - it's daring to hope against expectation that some dreams come true. And there aren't many dreams bigger and better than seeing Chris Powell leading Charlton to glory.
Bugger me, I was right!

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CMI - Eddie said...

Wise words and very accurate from my perspective as well. It seems that so many of us support Charlton for romantic reasons having fallen in love many years ago. Our desire for them to do well is now coupled with the knowledge that we are managed by a person who we can respect for all the right reasons. This makes all the years of heartache seem worthwhile