22 April 2012

Charlton 2 Wycombe 1

I really hate Queen. The seventies pomp-rock band, I mean. Their music has always seemed a bit fascistic to me, with its insistent beat and demagogic posery. It doesn't allow any individuality and tries to force everyone into a uniform emotion, of the kind that can lead to hatred and oppression. I'd sell my worthless soul if some satan could guarantee I'd never have to hear Bohemian Rhapsody or We Will Rock You again.

If only Nick Drake, say, had written a song about how nice it is to win something for once. Then the Valley would have been singing a folk-inspired melody yesterday with an accompaniment of guitar and strings. Maybe Nick Drake would have been inspired by his own song to not kill himself.

But that's one of only two ways yesterday could have been improved. (The other would have been if the opposition had been a more hate-worthy team. Wycombe were great, like Walsall before them, and I'd much rather we'd beaten some ugly team like Oldham.)

But until someone discovers Nick Drake's lost happy album, yesterday is as good as it gets. Next season looks like being big fun! But meanwhile, next week Charlton could reach 100 points and in two weeks' time, we've got an "ignore the cup final" party to go to. The memorable days keep on coming.


Anonymous said...

Is this an oblique reference to "We are the Champions?"

Confidential Rick said...

Stranger things can happen..On Thurs heard Nick D singing one of his plaintive songs in a bar in Departures in Gatwick North Term. what would the odds be on that?

Hungry Ted said...

The thought of Nick Drake creating something cheerful enough for occasions such as yesterday bought a smile to my face that was comparable to when Big Dave shouted 'Champions'.