20 January 2010

Charlton 2 Hartlepool 1

A casualty of the snow, this game had been hastily rearranged for a cold Tuesday night, so let's generously assume that's why there were fewer than 50 away supporters. Most of them, I would imagine, were Hartlepoolians living in London, so if the circumstances were reversed, there'd be even fewer away supporters, there being few Londoners who have decided to head to Hartlepool for a better life. The fact that I'm going on like this, and that in the first half I actually counted the number of Hartlepool supporters may tell you enough about the match.

It was one of those nights where passes just don't connect, and a better team than Pools would have taken advantage. Once again, though, Charlton's spirit proved more enduring than their skill, and a late second half rally saw the best play of the match, including Charlton's winner, well taken by Scott Wagstaff, and a mysteriously disallowed third goal.

Man of the match, everyone agreed, was the pitch invader in a lime-green mankini in extra time. He may as well have been naked. It was so cold, there'd have been nothing to see anyway.

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