03 November 2009

Coming soon, to a constituency near you

Just finishing Roy Porter's Flesh in the Age of Reason and found this nugget.

Thomas Love Peacock's novel Melincourt (1817) features a character called Sir Oran Haut-Ton (say it out loud).
This higher primate has been taught to dress in human clothes, and despite - or rather precisely because of - being utterly silent, Sir Oran makes an impeccable backbench Tory MP.
But, seriously, just imagine the quality of some of the Tory MPs who'll make it into parliament next year. All the useless second sons and brothers-in-law, who've been given seats presumed unwinnable to keep them quiet or return a favour, will just have to turn up in a blue rosette to get elected.  They'll make Jim Dowd look like Abraham Lincoln.

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Brian said...

I'm sure no-one's going to comment on this, so I will. The point of this post (as of so many previous Jim Dowd related posts) is essentially to slag off Jim Dowd. Jim Dowd Jim Dowd Jim Dowd. I have this hope that he, Jim Dowd, will frequently google his own name (Jim Dowd) and find my blog. Come on, Jim Dowd, respond to my attacks on you, Jim Dowd.