04 January 2009

Is this about Dr Who?

This headline on the Guardian/Observer home page today:

Eddie Butler McGeechan needs a noise as now is the time of haste

and this photo:

Picture of Eddie Butler, whoever he is

I'm guessing the photo is of Eddie Butler, but only because that's the name of the image. But I've no idea who McGeechan is, or what it could possibly mean to 'need a noise'. Is he deaf? Or a blocked musician?

I'm one click way from finding out the answers but I'm sure the reality is uninteresting (it'll be about golf or something - Eddie looks like someone who likes golf) so I'm leaving it alone.

And now is the time of haste? Well, I think you'll find we all knew that already.

1 comment :

Brian said...

OK I cracked and clicked. It's about rugby. I scanned it but still don't understand it. Maybe "a noise" is some kind of homoerotic act rugby players do to each other, in a very manly way. And hastily.