18 January 2009

Byebye ...

I'm deleting Vicky Coren from the links on the right. Not only has she never phoned or written since our time together in Cardiff (did it really mean nothing to her?), but her blog is for some reason not posting updates here or on Google reader.

Bye bye also to builder. Yes, the work is complete! As well as a new clean bathroom, it's effectively extended my living room because I threw out so much stuff, or stuffed stuff upstairs. Later on, under cover of darkness, I'll test my theory that there really is room to swing a cat.

Byebye surely to the second division, but I'm not talking or thinking about that.

And hello again to Eddie Butler. Here's today's headline: "Johnson's men must follow mantra of liberation". Now I know it's about rugby, I've no urge at all to read the story, but can just add it to the poem his headlines are writing. Here it is, slightly edited (I'm Pound to his Eliot):

Johnson must follow mantra of liberation,
Sure Betsen starts wasps on their way.
Capital gains leave the French feeling shirty:
Evans the leveller saves quins at the last.

Do better is message for the Celtic giants:
McGeechan needs noise as now is the haste.

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