26 January 2010

Charlton 0 Leyton Orient 1

The first thing that strikes me is that this blog is becoming a Charlton blog, when it used to be much more varied. With another home game coming on Saturday, this may mean three Charlton posts in a row, and nothing in the way of fancypancy literature in the meantime. This will not do.

So, the game. Actually, I thought Charlton played better than they did against Hartlepool. When I say better, I do of course mean less shit. But finally and at last we didn't get away with it. Orient fully deserved the win. I could allege various lacks: Sodje and Youga in defence would make a difference. Llera was at his hilarious worst. Shelvey, oh my god Shelvey! what's happened to you? Why on earth are you in the 11? OK, you're young - much younger than you look - but you seem totally out of your depth.

But let's not pick on individuals. For some reason, the team is acting as if they don't know each other. Compare this to the start of the season, when a settled team produced some of the best football I've ever seen Charlton play.

The scuttlebutt after the game was pessimistic: that's automatic promotion gone. Nonsense. Leeds are faltering, and Norwich are due a falter. I'm such a pollyanna I hope this defeat will be a wake-up call. We'll demolish Tranmere on Saturday, you mark my words.

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