04 May 2015

Charlton 0 Bournemouth 3

I suppose I can't really criticise Charlton's players for not turning up for the past few weeks, when I similarly have found it impossible to be arsed to write about the games. This report is late because on Sunday, when I might have spent the usual hours and hours lovingly polishing and ruthlessly honing the cruel stiletto of my prose, I was watching cricket.

Watching cricket is a very unusual experience for me, but it turns out that "watching cricket" is a euphemism for "getting slowly blotto", so I took to it like a duck to whisky. Here's my report: shortly after lunch (a few glasses of wine) one of the teams was all out for 250, then the other team started batting. Then I went for a drink. Then sat in the "Ladies Pavilion" for a while until friends came and took me away to a place where there was beer.

Apart from the almost-continuous drinking, saturday at the Valley wasn't that different. One team played really badly; the other team was really good and was given a shiny trophy at the end of the game. It almost didn't matter who was who. In fact, I could have could have sworn that at least three of the team that was really good used to play for the team that was really bad. Maybe the teams had been picked playground-style to celebrate the end of term.

But, like the cricket, it was a perfectly pleasant way to spend an afternoon. Perhaps I should "watch cricket" more often.

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