02 February 2015

Jose Riga appointed head coach at Standard

Following the rather surprising news that Jose Riga has been appointed as head coach, Standard of Liege has put online a video of the press conference. It could hardly be more awkward.

The first thing you may notice about it is the absolute lack of excitement, and that Riga hardly speaks in the first part of the conference. What's really surprising is that the former head coach, Ivan Vukomanović, is there, and really doesn't look happy. Duchatelet, of course, is not there.

Axel Lawarée, who's listed on the Standard website as the "Sports Adviser" begins by explaining that Riga has been brought in, not because results have been bad, but because they might get worse, and the club wants to avoid that. The club wants to keep Vukomanović on as a coach, because he has a lot of potential. Vukomanović, as far as I can see, is uncertain about this, and says he'll need to consider his position. This has obviously come as a shock to him.

Finally, at about 7:20, Riga speaks. He says he was approached very recently (yesterday evening), and understood that the club wanted his help, because it's all about results (sadly Vukomanović is out of shot at this point). Riga says he's had a discussion with Vukomanović and made it clear that his help will be useful.

About his relationship with Duchatelet he says "He is just a chairman looking for a coach, full stop. [...] Just like when he first gave me a job with Standard, or the job with Charlton." He also mentions that had been out of work for a few months.

So, there you go. Still baffling. Look at the video even if you don't understand a word of French: the facial expressions and body language are fascinating. And if your French is better than mine and you hear something I've missed, please let us know in the comments below.


Sevensix said...

Thanks for this link - a fascinating press conference with all the participants obviously wishing they were somewhere else and not seeming to either want or be able to set out why a change is necessary. The present manager raises his eyebrows and/or snorts audibly whenever complimentary remarks are made about him. How long before he's on his way to SE7?

ChicagoAddick said...

What kind of spell does RD have over these people. Ok I guess he pays them some sort of retainer but how much. RD is not known to be generous.

Where is the pride and ambition in these people. Just weird

ChicagoAddick said...

More weird now I've watched the clip - looks as if they are all under a spell or at a funeral. Like an episode of Eurotrash - people sniffing, shrugging, looking down at the table. Jose (dapper as always) tries to engage them with his body language but nothing. Looks like a marriage made in heaven. Well done again Roly.

Remind me how RD was so successful in business?

Brian said...

Thanks for the comments. I'd imagine Jose wasn't paid much by Duchatelet or Oyston so doesn't have a huge pile of cash to sit back on while waiting for a job offer. Presumably he'll see it as a chance to build his profile to get a better job next time Duchatelet sacks him.