22 January 2015

Luzon my religion

So I was wrong. The same office that won't give a visa for people to attend the funeral of their granddaughter is perfectly happy to give one to Guy Luzon.

But maybe that's fair enough. There's clearly a shortage of qualified, experienced managers in the UK. Why, just the other day Katrien Meire interviewed 20 of them. None of them any good.

But after a thorough interview Guy Luzon convinced the sceptical panel. Based on the triumphant press conference, I'd imagine it went something like this:

Katrien: So, Guy, tell us what you know about the English championship.
Guy: Errm. Football. Manchester City? Errm, winning good, losing bad.
Katrien: I think that's all we need to know. Richard, darling, tell the others they can leave now. Watch out for that Italian bloke though, Paolo something. He looks a little temperamental. You have got a work permit, Guy, I assume?
Guy: Liverpool?
Katrien: Great. You start tomorrow. (Gives him a sheet of paper). Here's the team you'll be fielding on Saturday.

Of course, if Luzon turns out to be an inspired, brilliant choice, I'll be the first to eat my ever-so-tasty words. Maybe he can rescue broken, demoralised teams, in the same way that maybe I can play Ravel's notoriously difficult piano-piece Gaspard de la Nuit. I've never tried, so I don't know.

What really rankles is the cheapskate, dishonest way the appointment has been made. Roland Duchatelet has never enjoyed the whole-hearted confidence of the fans. From now on, it's hard to see how he ever will. And the worst thing of all is, he couldn't give a toss.


Anonymous said...

Those 20 managers who failed the intense interview probings should have realised they were up against the Luzon silver-tongue.

Matthew Blake said...

Very amusing... Hopefully our Charlton will start to entertain as well

Kap Varma said...

The conversation probably went

KM so Roland, now that you have sacked Bob, despite the reassurances, I have had 20 applications, most of which were daft, but we had a couple of interesting ones I think we should interview.

RD good job Katrien, set up the interviews and a press conference to announce that Guy Luzon is manager.

KM You mean the bloke you sacked?

RD we made a tactical withdrawal.

KM Fuck me Roland, what about the process we agreed for all future managerial recruitment.

RD Just get on with it dear girl - hangs up.

KM - Stupid Git, I suppose worse things could happen like being accosted by drunken fat fans on a train, that will never happen with Charlton though.

Anonymous said...

Hope Johnny J is doing his coaching badges he may need to step in when or if Mr Luzon doesn't deliver. At least he'd be Charlton and he's in the network ;)