23 February 2014

Charlton 1 QPR 0

Hmm, how to describe this game? Just look at these two photos:

Or listen to this snatch of Reithian impartiality.

Or look at this list of good things that could happen in a football match:

1. Your team outplays the most expensive team in the division
2. An 18 year old player from the Academy turns in a stunning, mature and controlling performance
3. Your team scores a winner in injury time.
4. Your team's talismanic captain scores that winner
5. Harry Redknapp has a face even more like a smacked arse than usual.
6. Millwall and Palace both lose.

 If Carlsberg made days like this ... it would presumably be another weak pint of piss. This was a day made by The Kernel Brewery: a day of craft, quality and strength. If he wasn't already there, Johnnie Jackson secured his place in the Charlton pantheon, and Chris Powell, watching his gameplan play out to perfection, surely overruled any problems with the details of his contract.

Cher Monsieur Duchatelet, sign that contract. And while you're at it, do all that it takes to keep Diego Poyet. You might also want to look at one of yesterday's mascots, Reggie Gregory. Before the game he gave a brilliant display of keepy-uppy. It reminded me of a Macdonalds advert from some years ago. I wonder what happened to that lad.

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