13 May 2013

Off target

Advertising anything to me is pretty pointless, because I just don't buy much. But there's been a lot of concern about how much Facebook knows about us, and how it delivers us to advertisers with sinister precision.

Here are the advertisers who've presumably paid a tiny fee to Facebook to get my attention this morning.

First up, a hotel in Manchester. I've no idea how I could have given the impression I might be interested in this.

Then American Express. Like I need a new way to pay for things I don't even buy.

Bizarrely, a Brazilian dentist.

Michael Parkinson wants to sell me some kind of policy.

Oh well, if I'm staying in Manchester, I might as well do the Great Manchester Run. As if!

And then, if it turns my fingers white - whiter than they already are, I presume - here's someone to help my claim compensation.

I think we're a long way off from being Facebook's property yet.

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