26 April 2011

Charlton 3 Rochdale 1

I started blogging Charlton matches to help me remember them. I've a terrible memory for sport of any kind, even for Charlton games. I think it's a specific Charlton gene, which scientists ought to name "Happy Oblivion 1905". The god-given process of evolution has fast-tracked, over 106 years, the development of protective amnesia. But the second half of this season has given us a series of games no-one would want to remember. So I stopped blogging them.

Yesterday's game wasn't one. I had even predicted a 3-0 win, based on a feeling that Chris Powell's approach is finally taking root. And that seems to be correct. All the team, ravaged as it is by injuries and bans, seemed comfortable and confident with the passing game. I suppose it helped that the season is truly dead now, and the result would change nothing, but the style of play makes me happy that I've renewed my season ticket. For weeks now, I've been wishing the season could end NOW, but now I wish it was just beginning.

If only we knew how to defend corners ...

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Brian said...

Actually, you could delete the last word of this post.